My Name is Munem, and I've been a hairstylist for more than 26 years.  Throughout my 26 year experience I have accomplished many things, I am the salon owner and manager of Capricio Salon & Spa, Davines, and a Redken Elite 5th Avenue Salon in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  I've trained and mentored all of my salon staff to become talented stylists.  I am  a Redken Specialist, REDKEN color and design certified, also a Redken Platform Artist and Educator. 

Munem cuts, styles, and colors with an experienced eye for detail.  He utilizes diverse methods and unique dexterity with each one of his clients.  Munem can produce soft styles with scissors and can create additional textures with shears and razors.  He uses coloring techniques using foils or the bayliage method, while only using the best colors from Redken 5th Avenue.   Munem understands that no two heads are similar and takes into account the type of hair that you have, your needs, your desires and any prior chemical services you may have had to help you understand your ideal style.

He is an expert in Threading Hair Removal, And have his own THREADING educational DVD! which is an ancient method of hair removal.  It's used to give clean lines and a precise shape to the eyebrow and also removes facial hair.  He has produced and distributed an educational DVD on how to learn to become an expert on threading hair removal.  He also has experience and is certified in Cinderella and Hair Dreams Extensions.   He's also certified and experienced in LSO (laser safety officer) and has Editorial and photo shoot experience.

Threading Training DVD

Munem is also one of the first stylists/salons in Milwaukee to perform and become certified in the Japanese Straightening/Thermal Reconditioning/Keratin Relaxer treatment, which is a unique straightening process that originated in Asia. and now he is a Brazilian Blowout Certified stylist at capricio Salon & Spa! the only professional smoothing treatment that improves the health of the hair.

Munem offers hair design services for special events including weddings, fashion shows, etc.  Munem is especially talented in formal and elegant updos for your special wedding celebration!

He has developed different techniques to allow your hair to have more body and become as straight as possible.  Munem has successfully performed these types of relaxers on all hair types from color treated to extremely curly hair.


With your level as a master hair stylist, and level of demand to see clients, do you do all services on your clients personally?
Typically i have 2 or 3 associates that helping me out serving my clients, they are well trained and licensed to do what they assigned to help me with during my clients visits, most of my clients are used to it, and familiar with my process, my assocites help me with setting up clients, shampooing, applying basic color application (formaltion done by me) and blow outs and basic finishes. and they assured when they leave the salon they have my signature on the work, that it's custom to perfection.

When did you know you wanted to do hair?
As long as I can remember, I've wanted to do hair.

How long have you been doing color?
I've been doing color services for over 26 years.

How would you describe your approach to doing hair color?
I love beautiful, healthy hair. I try to give my clients what they want while also keeping their hair as healthy as possible with pre-service and post-service treatments.

What inspires your creativity?

People inspire me and my creativity every single day.

What advice would you give someone considering coloring their hair for the first time?
I would advise that they keep it simple just in case they choose not to keep up with the new color. This way, they won't have a lot of outgrowth.

Do you customize a hair color service for each and every client?
Yes I do. I rarely ever use a single color. I believe that you will achieve a more beautiful color if you mix a few colors together, and it makes every client's individual color their own.

What's your approach to returning hair color clients?
I always try to make little changes to their color so that they don't get bored.

Describe your personal style:
Modern chic

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