airbrushtanslider  Everyone loves a beautiful tan, no matter the season. What we don’t love, the awful damage that UV rays do to our skin. Need a solution?! Airbrush tanning is the easiest and safest way to get a healthy and sexy tan. With no sun required this is the best alternative for your skin to remain healthy but still have a sun kissed glow.

This is a great option for a last minute wedding, work function, or for everyday wear! Generally lasting up to 10 days with the right care, you can have the sun kissed look all week long! This is also a popular service for guests going on vacations that tend to get sun burned easily. The tanning solution is derived from sugar beets and contains the main ingredient DHA. It is an FDA approved solution, this is a smart and effortlessly way to brighten your skin.

What’s the number one trick for keeping your tan lasting long and looking fresh? MOISTURIZER!  Making sure your skin is exfoliated really well before you head in for your airbrush tan is key. You also need to limit physical activity for a recommended 12 to 24 hours after. This ensures that you get the full benefits from your tan and maximum results will show. After that it’s just moisturizing in the morning and at night. Keeping the skin hydrated in the winter especially is important when prolonging your tan.

Brazilian wax  Let’s admit it. We’ve all been self-conscious about our bodies in one way or another. Whether we’re worried about our outfit, hair, or skin, the hair on our body is nothing less than embarrassing.

When we’re in a swimming suit all summer long, the last thing we want to worry about having to shave our legs, under arms, or bikini area.

When waxing any area of your body, the hair follicle is completely removed. Where is when you shave, you are cutting the hair off at the top of the skin so hair grows back faster and thicker than before. Waxing allows the hair to grow sporadically and finer. This will also lengthen the time between waxing appointments for 4 to 6 weeks.

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Best In Milwaukee Award!!

September 16, 2011 -- For the second year in a row Capricio Salon and Spa has been awarded best salon in Milwaukee! In 2010 we were voted #1 hair salon in WISN’s A-list competition. Now, in 2011 we have been awarded by the U.S. Commerce Association in their “Best of Local Business” program as the Best in Milwaukee in the “Hairdressers” category. The USCA strives to recognize and award local businesses throughout the country. They support Capricio as a local establishment that enhances the positive image of small businesses that serve and get involved in their local communities.

We are very excited and honored to have been chosen for these awards! We would like to thank all our loyal clients for supporting and trusting us through the years! We are so happy to have our dedicated stylists that work hard every day and push the limits of creativity. Our stylists truly are the best at what they do!


First things first.  Would you like your hair up or down?  It’s like asking, would you like meat or fish for dinner?

Second, are you a plain Jane, or a glamour girl?  Plain Jane’s feel more comfortable in a lower, simpler, not too detailed type of hairstyle, whereas, glamour girls might want a higher, fuller, curlier and bigger statement hairstyle.

Third, make sure to get a hairstyle that compliments your facial structure.  That means, if you have a small or big forehead, try sweeping your bangs.  If you have a square jaw line, try leaving some tendrils around your face to soften the strong lines.  If you have a long lean face, stay away from a high up-do, as it will elongate your face even more.

Finally, get a hairstyle that also compliments your bridal gown: -Princess Ball gown will look best with a bigger and higher up-do
-Heavily decorated and beaded gowns will look best with curls and randomness
-Vintage gowns look best with finger waves and thick curls
-Strapless gowns will look best with some hair down
-Halter top gowns will look best with the hair up and off the shoulders

“In all of the wedding cake, hope is the sweetest of plums.”
~Douglas Jerrold

What to expect on the morning of your wedding day:


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Long hair has always been considered epitome of feminine beauty. Nothing has changed...

The dream of long hair perfection is, often, only met with great difficulties.

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