People with wavy, curly and kinky hair know all too well the power of a humid or rainy day.

“It’s all about the weather,” says Redken artist Omar Sassin of the Omar Sassin Salon in Tampa, Fla. “Weather has an immediate effect on the hair – especially humidity.”

Humidity is defined as the ratio of vapor pressure of water in the hair. In high humidity, hair will absorb moisture from the air. Humidity has a truth-serum effect on the hair.

“It brings out the true qualities of your hair,” says Jesse Linares, a Redken artist at Studio Gaven in Nashville, Tenn. “The higher the humidity, the more the hair will want to revert to its natural state.”

While fine hair goes limp, coarse, curly hair can become curlier – and frizzier. The moisture in the air reacts with the hydrogen bonds in each strand of hair. And because naturally curly hair tends to be more porous, humidity can be especially challenging for curly girls and guys.

“Humid weather is one of the most challenging elements for people with curly hair,” says Tim Cowan, a national artist with Redken and owner of Image One Salon in Springfield, Mo. “With the right products and the right strategy, it will set you up for good hair days every day.”

Fifteen years ago, it was "The Rachel." Twenty years before that, it was "The Farrah." And those are only two examples of iconic hairstyles that have graced thousands of heads over the last hundred years. But can there be another? With today's trend toward individualism, colorists, stylists and Professionals say it isn't likely.

They say No More “Rachels” “In the past, you could always go, ‘that’s the trend.’ Or you go, ‘no, it’s the wrong color.’ Now today, the trends are always customizable. You’ll never see them in their purity. Kids don’t want their MySpace pages to look the same, they don’t want their cars to look the same, they don’t want their phones to look the same. So why do we think they’re all going to walk in with a picture of Rachel’s haircut? It’s never going to happen again, because culturally they never participated in it. We did. So that’s the thing that’s really cool about right now.” ~ Modern Salon

Finally, spring is here! As the runways of New York, Paris, and Milan fill with the latest fashions, Redken announces their top trends as observed by Guido, their Creative Consultant.

According to Guido, this season's hair is all about "looking at things with new eyes, taking elements from all genres and eras, creating new textures, and drawing on urban elements of romanticism."

Guido identified four strong trends from Fashion Week 2010: Urban Romance, Past Perfect, Slick Move, and Extreme Measures. Visit the links below to view photos and detailed instructions on how to re-create popular runway looks:

Humidity can wreak havoc on your hair style BUT IT'S GREAT FOR YOUR SKIN!

Anytime the humidity drops below roughly 60 % our skin can become deydrated so WELCOME the humidity to keep your skin soft, supple and nourished! And when you need extra help, stop in to CAPRICIO SALON AND SPA and learn more about skin care tips including information about DERMALOGICA.

Tips on how to blow dry you hair:
 Blow by Blow...

As said in magazine article: 
We fantasize about haivng the agility of a Cirque de Soleil gymnast--not in the bedroom, but in the bathroom with the blow-dryer. Fortunately, stylists say that it doesn't take contortions to look smooth. "You just can't cut corners," Guido says. With the right tools, styling products, and the technique that follows, your hair will look as if you came straight from the salon.

Shampoo and condition by hair type and texture. For oily or fine hair, condition only the ends. Squeeze out excess moisture with a towel. Spritz the roots of fine hair with a volumizer; for curly hair rub on a blob of styling balm; and on thick, frizzy hair apply a silicone serum. Smooth with a wide-tooth comb.

Blast naturally straight hair for only two or three minutes on low speed/high heat to remove 95 percent of the moisture; keep wavy, curly, and damaged hair wet. Clip one four-inch-square section at the top of the head at the crown and if you have very thick hair, create a second tier with a clip just below this one.

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