Everyone wants to keep a beautiful glow, far after summer has faded away and beach days are behind us. Thankfully, Capricio Salon & Spa is open all year round and is here for all your tanning needs! Maintain a flawless finish with one of our two tanning options and don’t forget about your waxing! Just because we’re layering up doesn’t mean we need to neglect our bikini lines and leg hair. Read all about how we can keep you looking fabulous during those winter months.


Summer is over and sweater weather is just around the corner. That doesn’t mean you can’t have a dewy glow and slay the whole year round. Many of us jet off to picturesque destinations, sunny resorts and the best beaches around to avoid the winter slump. Thanks to wonderful winter there are a few things you need that one of Milwaukee’s top nominated salons is here to help with before that fun filled vacay!

Airbrush tanning is a must, no matter the time of year! Everyone wants glowing skin without that pesky UV damage beds create. Sugar beets and DHA, an FDA approved solution, is the smartest way to sun your skin before your trip. Our salon offers airbrush tanning by Norvell, the simplest and safest way to get that sexy summer glow for whatever you have planned, or not!

The best part about our airbrush tanning is the handheld tool! Tanning beds don’t have the ability to reach all surfaces of your body, unlike our certified estheticians. Even better, you leave the salon with instant color and glow, giving you that gorgeous tanned look before you even hit the beach. With the handheld airbrush machine, our stylists are able to get all the nooks, avoid unsightly tan lines and give you a streak free and skin safe glow!

What goes perfect with that sun kissed skin? A bikini wax, of course! No one should be self-conscious about body hair when they’re trying to relax on the beach. Conveniently located on Milwaukee’s Eastside and just a short ways from Downtown, we can fit you in before your coffee run, during your lunch break or after work!

Let’s talk about waxing. It’s the wonderful maintenance requirement we all love to hate! Nobody wants to deal with that pesky body hair, especially during the winter months. We got you, but let us give you some tips and tricks for making your waxing visit as pain free and long lasting as possible!

Before the wonder of waxing begins, you have to prep to ensure long lasting, supple and hair free skin!Let that hair grow! We know it can be a pain but it is crucial and will ensure the best ‘after’ look! You want at least ¼’ of hair for the best results. Avoid caffeine and alcohol at least a few hours prior to your waxing service. Exfoliate! Use a loofah or exfoliating scrub to rid your skin of dead cells and keep your skin healthy and avoid ingrown hairs. Shoot for 3 times a week! Be mindful! Ladies, make sure you’re aware of your cycle and avoid coming in three days prior to and after because you tend to be more sensitive during that time frame.

Make sure to relax and breathe during your visit! When you tense up, you’ll cause yourself more pain. If you have a lower pain threshold, take an over the counter pain reliever like Tylenol or Advil to help. Please let your esthetician know if you are taking any mediation that may affect your waxing service.  Relax, listen to the soothing music and breathe in the calming scents, like Davines NaturalTech DeStress Lotion around you.

 Avoid exercise for at least 24 hours after your wax! Your skin needs time to rest and sweat won’t help! Let your skin breathe! Wear some breathable and loose-fitting clothing for the day. Don’t touch! We know you’re excited about your smooth, hair free skin but the best way to avoid germs is being hands free and this will prevent irritation, pimples or infection. Shower! Make sure when you wash up, you’re showering, not bathing. No lotions/moisturizers until the redness goes away and your skin is no longer feeling sensitive. Resist the urge to shave between waxes! This will only make your next service more painful. Exfoliate! Wait two full days after your service to exfoliate. This will keep your skin looking healthy and encourage your hair to grow up and avoid any ingrown hairs. Use products like Tend Skin to promote healthy skin and keep pesky ingrown hairs away.

Now that you have soft, supple and hair free skin, it’s time to take on the town! Capricio Salon and Spa offers an array of services to get you ready for your day, week or night out. Now that we have your skin looking amazing, let us handle those tresses!

Let us freshen up your locks with a little color and a haircut. Big plans for the weekend, let us style you! Don’t forget to take care of those brows. We can tint and shape them for you during your visit. Brazilian blowouts, Keratin, Japanese relaxers, and Tony Odisho and Hair Dream extensions that give you instant length and volume for any time or occasion!

Capricio Salon and Spa offers an array of services and we are here to treat you right! Make sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to keep yourself up to date with trends, deals and giveaways.


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