Fifteen years ago, it was "The Rachel." Twenty years before that, it was "The Farrah." And those are only two examples of iconic hairstyles that have graced thousands of heads over the last hundred years. But can there be another? With today's trend toward individualism, colorists, stylists and Professionals say it isn't likely.

They say No More “Rachels” “In the past, you could always go, ‘that’s the trend.’ Or you go, ‘no, it’s the wrong color.’ Now today, the trends are always customizable. You’ll never see them in their purity. Kids don’t want their MySpace pages to look the same, they don’t want their cars to look the same, they don’t want their phones to look the same. So why do we think they’re all going to walk in with a picture of Rachel’s haircut? It’s never going to happen again, because culturally they never participated in it. We did. So that’s the thing that’s really cool about right now.” ~ Modern Salon

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