Deep Condiitoning


Science of hair

Redken Chemistry provides scientifically advanced products that inspire stylists to create customized services that deliver healthy, shiny hair. Get started with understanding science of hair. Hair is your "medium" - it ia the material that you work with to create your art. Just as a sculptor needs to have an understanding of the properties of clay, bronze or wood, the salon professional must understand the basic properties of hair. Composition of the Hair

  • >Protein (70-80%) adds strength and resilience
  • >Moisture (10-15%) softens and adds flexibility
  • >Lipids (3-6%) keep the hair soft and supple
  • >Pigment (1%) adds color to hair and absorbs UV rays
  • >Minerals (.05-.5%) attract and bind proteins together
  • >Carbohydrates (.1 - .5%)  are the intercellular cement that binds moisture and proteins together
Distressed Hair

Knowledgeof the hair's composition established proof that topically applied protein and moisturizing solutions - formulated with the appropriate "bonding" capabilities, can dramatically improve weakened and sensitized hair.

Redken Chemistry Products

Using the science of hair, Redken is the first manufacturer to use protein and moisture and to balance the pH to dramatically improve the health of hair. This revolutionary breakthrough is the foundation of Redken Chemistry and what gives these products, and the professional services you provide with them, the power to produce lasting results.

Protein & Moisture:

  • Repair
  • Stengthen
  • Replenish
pH sealer:

Locks it IN!

Redken Chemistry's advanced technology produces a system that is really quite simple. Protein and moisture repair, strengthen and replenish the hair from inside out. And the pH sealer locks in specialized ingredients in the shot for lasting results.